Retreat Center

Our Retreat Center  VerdeSer,   its a wonderful place in the middle of a Tropical rainforest, located in one of the Greater Antilles in the Caribbean Sea, The Dominican Republic.

We welcome educational programs and workshops that focus on health, personal growth, science, and spirituality. We support intrapersonal and interpersonal consciousness work in a gorgeous natural setting. Our campus offers facilities for workshops and retreats where guests can commune with the land and experience ecological awareness through transformational programs and practices that foster self-reflection and personal growth.

The nature of the Rainforest is stunning, and the energy of the land has a deep mystical tone, it harmonizes and inspires your body, mind and soul. Set in beautiful valley up in the mountains, the center has an aura of tranquility about it, that is remarkably refreshing.

“Truly wonderful… peaceful, relaxing, rejuvenating”

“The staff is very warm and accomodating, and the rooms are clean, comfortable and well maintained”

It will be a unique and beautiful experience for you

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